A world of warcraft story

A big part of playing World of Warcraft is not only raiding for gear and completing quests, a large portion of the game, and many times a players source of income is by training in professions and selling either crafted goods to other players or offering services like alchemy transmutes or enchanting gear.

Vydhar Highmountain tauren Fel lords and felguards marching to battle.

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You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion. WoW has actually put forth a pretty successful campaign to end that style of gaming for those who choose not to do it. Thrall: Our spirit is stronger than you know, demon! Your equipment is stolen, all of your moolah is taken away, you’re hit with a Tomato Surprise, and then Moolah isn’t used or mentioned for the rest of the game.

The differences could not be more stark, and the lesson seemed clear: getting real money out of the game is what players want. From a certain perspective, WOW’s remorseless progress has killed the very genre that it dominated for so long. Earning these is a way to not only customize the look of your character, but show off your accomplishments. It’s a more interesting, perhaps even more motivating endgame grind that just inching up your character’s item level - and it doesn’t lead you down the same narrowing cul-de-sac towards tough Heroic dungeons and raiding, because the items that power up your Artifact can be earned any number of ways.

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a world of warcraft story

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