Black desert online s knowledge

Feel free to insert your real values or use random values. Ninjis can be hit with the Hurlhammer sticker even when they’re jumping, but this means that the player has to have good timing or else it does not count. You start off with rather a small inventory, sure, but it is not an issue for long.

Green : Character has a neutral reputation. Lots of ore everywhere, but the best location is directly northwest of town, right before you get to your first castle. I managed to register and apparently can buy the game without the use of VPN. Black Desert - First Look (Alpha Test)MmohutsRecommended for You!

It was time to call it a night.

Alchemy Stone GuideIntroductionAlchemy stones (mistranslated to Pension seats, and annuity seats) are great because they give a Buff for 3 minutes that can be reused every 3 minutes (There is even an option for the buff to be automatically used every 3 minutes).

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Your full name for displaying on site. It makes the image very poor, but does improve frame rates considerable. I mean is it worth it in your opinion? If a player has a low enough reputation, they may alert guards and initiate an attack.

black desert online s knowledge

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