Is there a star wars battlefront campaign

The time to capture quickens with more friendly units within the capture zone.

It just doesn’t offer anything more than a couple of games of mindless blasting at a time to sink your teeth into to call this a great game.

Using the Force with a lightsaber is appropriately easy, and I dug how it made me worry more about defeating an army with style than dying.

Only thing they have over the classic is graphics.

Apparently making some fun of everything else is fine, but not this?

Star wars battlefront 2 campaign

If you’re happy to play against players with better guns and better armour then I don’t know what to say.

Star wars battlefront 2 campaign length

is there a star wars battlefront campaign Last week, Disney brought back official multiplayer support for the Steam and GOG versions, and it looks like this has reawoken the mod scene a little bit, with Star Wars Battlefront Conversion pack it adds 25 maps and five extra game modes getting an update to make it work with the official multiplayer. Players will hop around to different planets such as Endor and Takodana but also visit new locations such as Vardos and Pilio.

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