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The Iron Horde presents an incredible threat to Azeroth. I get the nostalgic feelings and all, but not all changes were bad.

I love the artifact weapon quests. The fact that I can login to World of Warcraft, create my own character, and delve into a dungeon with somebody from Germany (without ever knowing it) is a pretty novel idea.

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world of warcraft discord That was emergent gameplay that WoW lost when they dumbed it down.

Blizzard made a decision when they started working on World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Cataclysm that would be considered almost unthinkable by most other MMORPG developer.

I remember my ex one time complaining that he couldn’t put guild-leader on his resume.

Set Anisotropic Filtering between 85 and 97, depending on your processor.

Strangely I really enjoyed Pandaria as well, and would love to see the Vale of Eternal Blossoms pre-Garrosh assholing everything up.

You can choose to play as the titular Pandaran race, as a Hunter, Monk, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman or Warrior.

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